Year 2

March 2023

 The Magic Library


Reading will be your child’s expected homework every night. Please sign and date the diary each day, an additional comment is helpful if you have time. Please also make sure that your child’s record is in school every day.


Children need to have a warm, waterproof coat in school and hats, scarves and gloves as the weather gets colder. Please make sure that all items are clearly labelled so we can return them quickly to you should they go walkabout!



We will be starting our new topic, ‘The Magic Library’. We will be thinking about what we already know about mythical creatures, story settings and events, books, maps, puppets and plants.



We will compare and contrast story settings and use our knowledge of adjectives and conjunctions to help write detailed, extended sentences. We will be using our knowledge of labelling to label key geographical features that we see in maps and writing and recording questions in Science.

In spellings:
Week 1:

door, floor, poor, because

Week 2:

find, kind, mind, behind

Week 3:

child, children, wild, climb

Week 4:

most, only, both


In Maths, we will be learning about groups of objects, equal and unequal, identifying patterns when counting in multiples and learning how this connects to repeated addition. We will be doubling and halving numbers and counting in multiples of 2,5, 10 and 3. We will be revisiting measure and learnign how to solve problems involving measuring length, height, mass and temperature. 

Word Aware

Our Word Aware words will be:

mythical fantasy, wealthy compass directions, gracious roam emerald, venomous fearsome, absorbed reflected

Things to do at home

Read at least five times a week and record this in your Reading Diary.

The children all have Purple Mash and Numbots logins so please log on and have a go at the activities.

More Ideas For Home

Maths English Topic

Practise doubling and halving numbers to 10 or 20.

Practise mental recall of number bonds to 10, 20 and 100.

Practise your counting skills in 2’s, 3s, 5s and 10s

Visit Numbots and challenge yourself to reach the higher levels.


Read magical stories. Talk about the words that the author used to create interest and describe the magical setting, creatures or characters and consider if alternate words could have been used.
Draw and describe magical creatures and settings of your own.


Use Purple Mash to create a magical creature of your own. Give it a name.

Print it out and create a character descriptions; include its features and personality. 

Talk about puppets that you might have at home – explore how they are similar or different and talk about the materials that have been used to make them.

Look at plants in our surroundings. Talk about what you see and how plants change.

Use an atlas to locate the United Kingdom. Use Google maps to locate where we live. Create a map of your own including a key to identify important geographical features including rivers, roads, significant buildings, woodland, hills etc.


A typical day in Year 2

Start of the day

At 8.45am we arrive at school, find our name card or peg in. Hang up our book bags and have the chance to go to the book corner and change our reading book. We find a book to read and sit down quietly at our table.


At 8.55 am we tidy away our reading books and go the hall for Reflections. 


We begin our first session, which will usually be English or Maths. We begin our lesson with a whole class session on the carpet area, then work in small groups or independently.

An important part of our learning takes place outside and all children have the opportunity to work in the outside classroom during the morning session. 

Break and Fruit time

Half way through the morning session, we meet together on the carpet for milk and fruit. During milk and fruit we share our learning, then listen to a story.

We then go out to play. 


We stop for lunch at 12 noon. We either have packed lunches or hot school dinners.

Reading Carousel

At 11.40, we set up our reading carousel. We read independently,with our class teacher or teaching assistant and practice important skills including scanning and spelling. 

The afternoon

After lunch we return to the classroom and begin the afternoon with Handwriting.   In the afternoons we learn other subjects. These could be  Art, History, Science, Computing, R.E or PE. 

We finish with Maths Mastery and storytime. 


Going home

At around 2.40pm we tidy away and gather together on the carpet for a story and celebrate our stars of the day. At 3pm we gather up our jumpers, cardigans, our coats, book bags and any letters, then we line up to go home.

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