Severe Weather Plan

Please find below the various options that we will follow should we be faced with severe weather.

Option 1

Our primary intention is that we will do everything in our power to remain open and offer as normal a service as possible when conditions are bad. This will, however, be dependent on the majority of staff being able to make it into school. This will be our preferred option.

Option 2

If conditions on the roads and public transport are difficult, we aim to try and remain open but may need to offer a reduced service. School will only be open to pupils who can walk safely to school.  Given that the majority of our qualified teaching staff live some distance from the school, on these days, the curriculum will change but still be taught and we will offer a snow based activities which will differ from the usual class curriculum, such as snow poems and art.  

Option 3

If conditions on the roads and public transport are extremely severe, we aim to try and remain open but to offer a significantly reduced service. School will only be open to pupils who can walk safely to school and we will only have staff to supervise them who themselves can also walk in safely.  Given that the majority of our qualified teaching staff live some distance from the school, on these partially open days, no formal curriculum will be offered, the children will be given activities to consolidate learning and practise skills.  We aim to offer a child-minding style service for those working parents who are able to get into work themselves. 

Option 4

Finally, if conditions are so severe (as has been the case on rare occasions in past years) we will reluctantly have to close completely.



We will endeavour to make a decision as early as possible regarding which option is relevant and information will be placed on the Surrey County Council website and then the school website and by email/answer phone as soon as possible, and as close to 7.30am as possible.  This is dependent on staff being able to access these services and not being stuck in their cars somewhere.

In circumstances when it snows or the playground is very icy the gentle slopes which are normally hardly noticeable can become quite treacherous, on these occasions we ask that all children come in the main entrance.  We ask you to say goodbye to your children at the main door. We will help with wellies and trousers in the classroom and if we keep them at school it means the children can still go out and play in the snow, if it is safe.  We may ask parents to help to clear the snow on these mornings so please dress ready to help and advise if you are able.

To ease congestion in the village and at the school entrance we may stagger entry and pick up times, please check the school website or your emails for this information.  It is likely to be something along these lines but check as each situation is different – you can arrive between 9am and 9.30am and collect children from Year 2 at 2.30pm, Year 1 at 2.45pm and Reception at 3pm.  Or we may close at 12.30 depending on the conditions.  Siblings would go home together when the oldest child is collected.

Hopefully we will not be in a position of having to take option 2, 3 or 4, but it is important that you know of our contingency plans in advance of bad weather.



Frequently Asked Questions


Does my child need to bring packed lunch?

No – it is only in very rare situations that we would not be able to provide lunch and it is likely in that scenario we would close the school early.


Will my child be marked as unauthorised if they don’t come in?

That will depend on which option, it would also not change our attendance policy, for example if your child was sick they would be marked on the register as sick.

Option 1 – yes, an absence would be unauthorised in most cases.

Option 2 – no, an absence would be marked as a snow day if you had informed us by email/phone of your reason, and therefore not count as unauthorised on your child’s attendance record.

Option 3 – no, an absence would be marked as a snow day and therefore not count on your child’s attendance record.

Option 4 – no, the register would show the school was closed and therefore it would not count on your child’s attendance record.


What happens to special events on the snow days? For example class assemblies

It will depend on which option

Option 1 & 2 – we will run all activities as normal during the school day, after school events run by the school will be confirmed.

Option 3 – all extra activities will be cancelled unless confirmed by the school that they are still running, for example parent conferences.

Option 4 – no activities will happen.


Events will be rearranged where possible when the school reopens and is operating normally


My child goes to a club not run by the school, is it running? For example; Breakfast Club, Multi Sports, Art

Option 1 & 2 – please contact the club directly as it will be at their discretion.

Option 3 – possibly not if we are closing early or at 2.30 but please contact the club directly to confirm.

Option 4 – no, the school is closed so there would be no access to the school site.


When you are opening at 9am rather than 8.45am would breakfast club accommodate this?

We would open the main door and let Breakfast club in at the usual time.


Why can’t all the schools do the same thing?

Mrs Wand at The Horsell Junior School and I communicate frequently so we are aware of each school’s plan.  However, we will not close one school because the other is closing as these decisions are based on factors that will be different at each school. If we did close the schools in this way it would result in closing both schools more frequently.

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