Early Years


All the children have settled well into life in their classes and at The Horsell Village School. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them and learning about their families and what they like.


While we would love to talk to each and every one of you in the morning, please encourage your child to walk through the gate quickly. If you have a message for us, please email the office and this will get to us! We are happy to call you at a more convenient time. This will stop queues forming and allow for everyone to maintain social distancing. Thank you J

Please check Purple Mash and find your child’s classes blog. There is a message on there that we need you to acknowledge. This is explained in our blended learning policy which was sent out to you in September.

Please, please, please label your children’s coats and jumpers. It is very hard for us to reunite them if they don’t have a name in.

It is important that the children have their books in school with them daily. Please make sure they are in their book bags and let your child know if they need to change their book.

This month’s learning

We will be continuing with our topic of ‘Land of the Dinosaurs’. We will be reading a variety of stories such as ‘Dinosaur Stomp’ and ‘If I were a dinosaur’. We will be spending some time focusing on sorting and comparing items and numbers in Maths. We will continue working on our one to one correspondence and matching objects to numerals. We will explore where dinosaurs might have lived and what their habitats were like and use resources to create our own. We will also be continuing to explore colours and textures through creating dinosaurs, fossils, teeth and bones!

In phonics, We will be continuing to learn our sounds, we have loved seeing the children bringing in their phonics books and showing their learning with us. Please continue to do this with them.

Some ideas for home

  • Autumn is now here. Can you see any signs when you are out and about? What can you notice about the leaves? Can you make a collage with your items?
  • Gather together some resources, it could be toys, boxes, playdough and create a dinosaur of you own. Can one of your family guess what it is when you are finished?
  • What is your dinosaur like? Does it have scales or feathers? Could you give it a name and practise some of your letters?
  • Dinosaur starts with a d. What else starts with a d or has a d in it? Can you find 6 things?
  • Collect some autumn objects and create a pattern.
  • Can you write some numbers? Can you draw the right amount of dots for the number?


    A typical day in Early Years

    Start of the day

    At 8:45 a.m. we come into the classroom by ourselves, we find our name and peg in. We then hang up our coats and bags in the cloakroom.


    Lots of our learning takes place outside. Each of us will spend some time learning in the outdoor classroom.

    Carpet time

    We all spend some time learning together on the carpet.

    The afternoon

    After lunch we do handwriting and find out what we will be learning in the afternoon. Again we will spend part of the afternoon outside.

    Ready steady go time

    When we come into the classroom we choose one of the activities at the tables. When we are in the classroom we use our ‘Indoor Voices’.

    Fruit time

    At fruit time we make sure we wash our hands before getting our drink and piece of fruit. We sit down when we are eating and sometimes listen to music. 


    We have our hot school meals we eat in the canteen. Then we have time to play with our friends from the other classes.

    Going home

    We all go to the cloakroom and get our coats and bags ready to go home after a hard day at school.

    Our Commitment

    "We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expect all staff, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment”

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    The School Motto

    Kindness to yourself
    Kindness to others
    Kindness to the World


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