Early Years

Home Learning for Reception – Week beginning 20.7.20

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 The Cautious Caterpillar Story

Phonics Resources

Phase 4 Phonics Activity Monday

Phase 3 Phonics Activity Tuesday

Phonics lessons – 20.7.20 

Phase 3

oi –  https://youtu.be/PAaxYkzJUPQ 

ow – https://youtu.be/tJaFw4xvOyg 

ear – https://youtu.be/qh9RjMB1MMc 

air – https://youtu.be/lUYe_OHWSC8 

ure – https://youtu.be/4xNROql1uug 

Short oo – https://youtu.be/c1WLy32LKow 

Long oo – https://youtu.be/VXGiUvbb5jk 

ar – https://youtu.be/rYF2Er0WHE0 

or – https://youtu.be/dPCVdya70O8 

er – https://youtu.be/ab7XxOJGTOY 

ng – https://youtu.be/Pg1EJ8RpYIo 

ai – https://youtu.be/nP7yhxkswGs 

ee – https://youtu.be/tf5C9FUXZDM 

igh – https://youtu.be/SNGa3xXxIbQ 

oa – https://youtu.be/rjZ8EBhQ6kk 

z, zz – https://youtu.be/K3aO8fKOfGU 

qu – https://youtu.be/kY0OUiZLaZ4 

ch – https://youtu.be/019K74pwZ_Q 

sh – https://youtu.be/S5WeUdhopaY 

th- https://youtu.be/CrDuWPTwpE8 

Phase 5

a-e https://youtu.be/G650zFi_-Yo 

e-e https://youtu.be/7PuatW3PQpI 

i-e https://youtu.be/UpQDv40jtlQ 

o-e https://youtu.be/tyTRs07MRU0 

u-e https://youtu.be/i9TS-5IoW0I 

ew – https://youtu.be/h8rThS1G2PI 

oe – https://youtu.be/kTSy0xnen7U 

au – https://youtu.be/esMVuLCqGnY  

ey – https://youtu.be/qqMnLXUX808 

Phase 5 tricky word – https://youtu.be/VQyQTa79vjM  

ir – https://youtu.be/f9BPb4BT6yE 

ue – https://youtu.be/82c5yIzkuyI 

aw – https://youtu.be/tTs1EKFYNt4 

wh – https://youtu.be/nV9pYBir74U  

ph – https://youtu.be/M5JPip-E008 

ay – https://youtu.be/fM4D8Wd4WKk 

ou – https://youtu.be/2VWPX8qqX_U 

ie – https://youtu.be/QNCUj9OBm8I 

ea – https://youtu.be/liYD-Z8P_Bk 

oy – https://youtu.be/ssrwGHHGD1E 


A typical day in Early Years

Start of the day

At 8:45 a.m. we come into the classroom by ourselves, we find our name and peg in. We then hang up our coats and bags in the cloakroom.


Lots of our learning takes place outside. Each of us will spend some time learning in the outdoor classroom.

Carpet time

We all spend some time learning together on the carpet.

The afternoon

After lunch we do handwriting and find out what we will be learning in the afternoon. Again we will spend part of the afternoon outside.

Ready steady go time

When we come into the classroom we choose one of the activities at the tables. When we are in the classroom we use our ‘Indoor Voices’.

Fruit time

At fruit time we make sure we wash our hands before getting our drink and piece of fruit. We sit down when we are eating and sometimes listen to music. 


We have our hot school meals we eat in the canteen. Then we have time to play with our friends from the other classes.

Going home

We all go to the cloakroom and get our coats and bags ready to go home after a hard day at school.

Our Commitment

"We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expect all staff, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment”

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