Early Years

March 2023

Since returning to school after half term, we have been thinking about our New Topic, Old MacDonald had a what? We are incredibly excited to be thinking about the different animals that live on a farm, as well as the different types of farms there are in the UK.

This week we have been learning about plants, particularly beans as we explore the story, Jack and the Beanstalk. We are going to be growing our own plants and think about what plants need in order to grow. This relates to our PSHE topic, Healthy Me, during which we will be thinking about how we can keep our bodies strong and healthy.

In our Maths learning this term, we are going to be consolidating our number knowledge of numbers 1-10, exploring the different number bonds to and within 10 so that we can confidently recall these. We will also be exploring how we can compare quantities and amounts.

This term, all three classes will have their Class Assembly. This is something we are all excited about sharing and something the children will be working very hard on over the next few weeks – don’t forget to come and share this with your child!

Click on the image below to scroll through a few photos from the activities that are happening in Reception.

Spring 2 Curriculum Map

Please click on the picture below for an enlarged view of our Curriuclum Map. 

Useful Links

There is lots of information about the Curriculum we use in the Reception Classroom on our EYFS Curriculum page. Please follow the pictures below to access this information. 

A typical day in Early Years

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