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The Governing Body

As a Governing Body we work with our Headteacher and staff sharing their vision and values for The Horsell Village School

Together we decide the school’s strategy for improvement so that pupils learn most effectively and achieve the highest standards. Governors focus on where they can add most value, drawing on their knowledge and experience. They act as a critical friend to the school, providing support, information and advice as well as asking challenging questions and pressing for improvements.

The Governing Body is essentially responsible for ensuring good quality education in the school by holding the Headteacher and her team to account, always remembering to respect the professional roles of all the school staff. In its turn, the Governing Body has to answer to parents and other stakeholders in the wider community for the school’s overall performance.

We are always looking for enthusiastic new governors from the local community who wish to volunteer their time and skills to join our governing body.  As a governor you would be expected to attend a full Governing Body and a committee meeting every half term.  Every Governor is a member of one of two following committees:

  • Resources Committee: responsible for finance, staffing, Human Resources, Admissions and premises.
  • Children and Learning Committee: responsible for the curriculum, teaching and learning outcomes.

In addition to reading papers, preparing for and attending meetings, governors are expected to visit the school each term and attend training courses to keep their knowledge and skills current.

If you are interested in becoming a governor or would like to explore this further, please contact me via the school office, or by email to

Further guidance on becoming a governor can also be found at:


Helen Fox

Chair of Governors

The Horsell Village School Governing Body

The Constitution and Membership of the Governing Body

School governance is regulated by law, in particular the “School Governance (Roles, Procedures and Allowance) (England) Regulations” of 2013. Governors are required to publish information about their governing body and governors, and also to declare any financial or other interest that could potentially lead to a conflict of interest.

Our governing body consists of nine governors.  Governors are elected or appointed in different ways to be representative of the different stakeholder groups who have an interest in the school.  Whenever possible governors are recruited for the skills and commitment they can bring that enhance the role of governing body.

Current governors, including those whose term of office has expired or who have resigned and left in the last twelve months, are listed in the table below.

The table provides the following information:

  • Governor name
  • Start and finish date of the governor’s term of office
  • Attendance at Full Governing Body meetings over the last twelve months and attendance record expressed as %
  • Which committee the governor serves on, and attendance record at these meetings.
  • Start date and finish date of the governor’s term of office.

Meetings for the Academic year 2017/18:

Name FGB Meetings Member
Member of C&L Number of committees attended Start of term of office End of term of office
  5th Nov 2017 20th March 2018 13th July 2018 Attendance
record FGB
1 Elaine Cooper Y Y Y 100% Y Y 12/12 4/9/06 N/A

Helen Fox**

Chair of Governors

Y Y Y 100%   Y 6/6 Reappointed
s Katherine Edwards NR Y Y 100% Y   4/4 12/12/17 11/12/21
4 Carol Cheesman A Y Y 67% Y   6/6



5 Martin Killer Y A Y 67% Y   6/6 27/11/14 26/11/18
6 Kerri Comerford A Y Y 67%   Y 6/6 27/11/14 26/11/18
7 Davina Elizabeth Holland Y Y A 67%   Y 6/6 27/11/14 26/11/18
8 Kay Child Y Y Y 100%   Y 4/6 27/11/15 26/11/19
9 Steve Ellis NR NR Y 100%   Y 1/1 13/7/18 13/7/22
In addition there was a short notice Admissions Committee meeting held during the Summer term
Coopted Governors
10 Noshaba Khan NR NR Y 100% Y   NR 13/7/18 13/7/22
11 Felix Witte NR NR Y 100%   Y NR 13/7/18 13/7/22
Resigned Governors
  Mr Tim Stolworthy A NR NR nil     Appointed 17/3/16, Resigned 31/12/17
  Mr Martin Charles Humphreys Y Y Y 100% Y   Reppointed 1/11/14 Resigned 13/7/18


N=Not attended when due to

The attendance % is based on whether they were due to attend or not

All governors are expected to attend one of the two committee meetings, and also Full Governing Body meetings.

However not all governors are able to attend all meetings.  When this happens governors send their apologies for absence and this is recorded.

The attendance record in the table above covers the twelve-month period, September 2017 to August 2018.

Registered Declaration of Business Interests

The table below lists business interests declared by serving Governors as at 1st May 2019

Name of Governor/ Staff Member


form held

Family relationship declared interest in trading companies

**charity/other membership


Carol Cheesman  

C&P Consultants Ltd


Horsell Rotary

Woking Hospice

Kay Child      
Kerri Comerford      

Elaine Cooper

Headteacher at the school

Katherine Edwards      
Steve Ellis child    
Helen Fox child    
Shanna Hall      
Davina Holland (Chair from 26/11/18)      
Noshaba Khan (appointed Governor 26/11/18) child Director of Mexim Ltd  
Coopted Governors:
John Lockwood child  
Felix Witte child    
Governors who have resigned during the year:
Martin Killer (Resigned – 26.11.18)      

**None of our Governors hold Governance roles in other educational institutions


Our Commitment

"We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expect all staff, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment”

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