Week beginning Monday 25th March 2019

This week we will be continuing the Under the Sea section of our Amazing Animals topic.

Prime areas of learning

This week we will discuss feelings.  What makes us happy, sad, scared, angry, grumpy.   Children will have an opportunity to share their experiences from the beach/seaside with their friends.  Have they been on a holiday to the sea? How did they get there? What did they see? We will move like sea creatures in PE and think about the effect it has on their body.

Specific areas of learning

In Literacy we will be reading Tiddler by Julia Donaldson.  We will look at the repeated pattern so children can read along.  We will talk about the reasons why we might be late if we were Tiddler! What would we see when we were under the sea? We will also write a list of objects that we would need to take to the beach with us.  If you have any photos/pictures that relate to the beach/under the sea we would love you to bring them in to share.

In phonics this week we are recapping all the sounds we have learnt so far.  We will look at the tricky words ‘was’ and ‘said’.

In Maths we will be continue to look at money. We will make a pictogram to record our favourite sea creature.  We will discuss positional language – under, above, below, in front, next to.

We are looking to replenish our sand and water tray resources and would be very grateful if you could bring in any of the following – sieves, funnels, plastic tubes, jugs, plastic cups, spoons. We would also appreciate any junk modelling materials that youmay have.

For the W/C 1st April, please could you bring in a photo of your child as a baby

Ideas for home    

Rhyming games with your child – notice how the end of the word sounds the same.

Practice your tricky words: I, the, no, go, we, me, he, she, to, you, my, into, are, they, her, all.























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Week commencing 26th November 2018
















Prime areas of learning
















This week we will be continuing with our Winter Wonderland topic. The value of the month is Humility and the artist of the month is William Morris.
















Specific areas of learning
















In phonics this week we will recap all the sounds we have learnt so far as well as learning w, y, z. We will spend time exploring the sounds using object boxes and songs. We will continue recap all the tricky words and learning ‘he’ and ‘she’ and learning how to spell ‘the’ and ‘to’. This week we will also be continuing to practise learning letter names alongside the sounds and singing the alphabet song.
















In Literacy this week we will reading ‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson. We will be thinking about the theme of the story and writing speech bubbles for the characters in the story.
















In Maths we will recap numbers to 9 before moving onto the number 10. We will be unpicking this number, collecting 10 objects and thinking about how to represent this number, before using resources, including Numicon to find different ways to make 10.
















Ideas for home
















  • Practice the Christmas production songs and dances.
  • Practise putting your coat on and zipping it up.
  • Can you find 10 objects around the house?
  • Practice your phonics sounds and reading.
















A typical day in reception


Start of the day

At 8:45 a.m. we come into the cloakroom by ourselves and hang up our coats and bags. We then find our name and peg in.


Lots of our learning takes place outside. Each of us will spend some time learning in the outdoor classroom.

Carpet time

We all spend some time together on the carpet before lunch to review our learning and have a story. Some of us go home for lunch.

The afternoon

After lunch we do singing and find out what we will be learning in the afternoon. Again we will spend part of the afternoon outside.

Before home time we review our afternoon learning and have a story. We get our coats and bags and say goodbye to our friends.

Ready steady go time

When we come into the classroom we choose one of the activities at the tables. When we are in the classroom we use our ‘Indoor Voices’.

Fruit time

At fruit time we make sure we wash our hands before getting our cup and piece of fruit. We sit down when we are eating and sometimes listen to music. When we have finished our fruit we always put our rubbish and cups away.


We have our hot school meals we eat in the canteen. Then we have time to play with our friends from the other classes.

Going home

We all go to the cloakroom and get our coats and bags ready to go home after a hard day at school.

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