Enhancement and Enrichment

Curriculum Enhancement and Enrichment

At The Horsell Village School, having high standards and supporting our children to reach their full academic potential is extremely important; however, we also believe that learning is so much more than attainment: it is a myriad of attitudes, emotions, beliefs and skills.


Learning new skills and participating in new experiences benefits our children. It not only helps them to develop confidence and social skills from a young age, but is critical as our children’s brains are developing so rapidly at this age. Research shows that learning art, music and other enrichment skills can help children excel in many ways.


    Diwali Celebrations

    As part of our Diwali celebrations, Nabhi visited Year Two and taught us all about the festival of light. We got to dress up and act out the strory of Rama and Sita and sang songs. 

    Rangoli Patterns

    Nabhi taught us all about how Rangoli patterns are created.

    Special Objects

    Nabhi showed us special objects that are used during Diwali celebrations including a conch shell that is blown. If the day is started with the sound of a conch shell, then the day goes very well.

    It was something we don’t normally do. I learnt how to build dens differently. I will remember it because it was fun!


    Snowy Owls

    It was really fun because I’ve never actually built a shelter before. We learnt about how to make it waterproof with leaves and we also tested it by pouring water in!


    Barn Owls

    It was great! When we were building it, I was checking that there weren’t any holes so we wouldn’t get wet. Leaves can help fill the holes. I’ve never built one before and it was really fun. 


    Tawny Owls

    Den Building Day Year Two

    As part of Year Two’s ‘Master Makers’topic, all of Year 2 took part in a den building session.  This activity was  provided by a Bushcraft and Wilderness Living Instructor. 

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