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The Horsell Village Children's Centre closed on 24th July 2019 for all universal activities.

Our thanks goes to the whole team who made life that little bit easier for so many families.

Surrey Update:

As you may know there were changes this year to children’s centres and how Surrey County Council supports families.

The new approach will involve Surrey County Council focusing its resources on helping the families most in need of support, which means that some children’s centres have closed and others have become Family Centres.  Woking Borough Council will manage the Woking Family Centres.

You can use the Family Information Directory to find universal and other services, support groups, activities, events and more.

To make sure families can find out what is happening in their area the district and borough pages on the Family Information Service website will be regularly updated. 

In addition there is an update page on the website which provides information about the final proposals that were agreed by Surrey County Council’s Cabinet. 


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