Week beginning 25th  March 2019

On Monday 1st April we will be having a medieval day where we invite the children to dress up as someone from the castle and will have a fun morning taking part in different activities.

Please sign up for contribution for the baking activity.

This week we will learn about castle life.  We will look at both past and present and explore the people who live and work there. We will use role play and write sentences as we learn about the process of becoming a knight and hear the story of King Arthur and the sword in the stone.

We will also be investigating what makes the best material for a castle window and why.



This week we will be using pictorial methods for addition and subtraction.  We will also apply our understanding by solving word problems about castle life.


Miss Newman

au ey a-e

Miss May

a-e e-e i-e o-e u-e

Mrs Algar

Igh oa oo

Mrs Child

Sound family u

Some ideas for home

  • Practice counting in 2s,5s and 10s
  • Visit the library and borrow books about castle life
  • Practise spelling high frequency words and then use them in a sentence.
  • Draw a castle on a computer or try one of the purple mash activities.



A typical day in Year 1

Start of the day

At 8:45 a.m. we come into the cloakroom by ourselves and hang up our coats and bags. We then find our name and peg in.


Lots of our learning takes place outside. Each of us will spend some time learning in the outdoor classroom.

Carpet time

We all spend some time learning together on the carpet.

The afternoon

After lunch we do handwriting and find out what we will be learning in the afternoon. Again we will spend part of the afternoon outside.

Ready steady go time


When we come into the classroom we choose one of the activities at the tables. When we are in the classroom we use our ‘Indoor Voices’.

Fruit time

At fruit time we make sure we wash our hands before getting our cup and piece of fruit. We sit down when we are eating and sometimes listen to music. When we have finished our fruit we always put our rubbish and cups away.


We have our hot school meals we eat in the canteen. Then we have time to play with our friends from the other classes.

Going home

We all go to the cloakroom and get our coats and bags ready to go home after a hard day at school.

Our Commitment

"We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expect all staff, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment”

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