Snowy Owls

Week beginning Monday 19th November 2018



Thank you to parents who have been helping sew our owl puppets. Our next project is making Tudor calendars – please let us know if you are able to help design and sew, Thank you!

Please remember to bring coats, gloves and hats now that the weather is turning chillier, as the children will continue to spend half of the morning learning outside.


This week we will be continuing to research wheels and axles and how they fit together. Also creating and practising Tudor Dances.


We will be innovating a change and writing our Tudor Adventure using our powerful adjectives and a variety of sentence starters.

Phase 5a

a-e e-e i-e o-e u-e


Group 2


HFW in are as back by

CEW every everybody even



This week we will be investigating multiplication, creating arrays using practical equipment and solving problems.

Things to do at home

Look at the structure of stories – is there usually a problem and a solution?

Practise spellings High Frequency Words and Common Exception words.

Create arrays and spot them in the environment e.g. egg boxes, bun trays.









A typical day in Year 2

Start of the day

At 8.45am we arrive at school, find our name card or peg in. Hang up our book bags and have the chance to go to the book corner and change our reading book. We find the table where our group are working, sit down and quietly begin our task.


An important part of our learning takes place outside and all children have the opportunity to work in the outside classroom during the morning session.

Carpet time

We all spend some time learning together on the carpet.

Reading & Handwriting

We love to read and we practise our handwriting every day. We are also are thinking hard about leaving finger spaces between words and about capital letters and full stops.

The afternoon

After lunch we return to the classroom and sit quietly on the carpet ready for the afternoon. We begin the afternoon with guided reading, handwriting and phonics. We follow this by the final session of the day which may consist of Art, History, Science or PE.

Ready steady go time

At 9.15am we tidy away our morning activity and go to the carpet area to reflect on the previous day, share news and think about the day ahead.


We begin our first session, which will usually be English or Maths. We begin our lesson with a whole class session on the carpet area, then work in small groups or independently.

Fruit time

Half way through the morning session, we meet together on the carpet for milk and fruit. During milk and fruit we share our learning, then listen to a story or play a game.


We stop for lunch at 12 noon. We either have packed lunches or hot school dinners.

Going home

At around 2.40pm we tidy away and gather together on the carpet for a story and celebrate our stars of the day. At 3pm we gather up our jumpers, cardigans, our coats, book bags and any letters, then we line up to go home.

Our Commitment

"We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expect all staff, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment”

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